BoomerVenture Campus

Our BoomerVenture Campus has a little bit for everyone.  Besides several exercise classes, there are lectures and workshops on a wide range of topics as well as a film festival.  We're always open to suggestions for subject matter.  If you're interested in a topic chances are someone else is also.  

Boomers Making Life Investment
Baby-boomers are heavily invested in how to live life to the fullest, focusing in particular on travel, health and wellness, financial independence, and new occupational opportunities.  They are also the "sandwich" generation, frequently still raising children while they are increasingly caring for their own ailing parents.

BoomerVenture Statistics

Are you aware:

- you are a Boomer if you were born 1946-1964?                          

- there are 78 million of us in the USA right now?

- average U.S. retirement savings is only $50,000?

- In Andover alone over 6,400 residents are over 60                            
- another 5,700 are at least 50 years old








 Looking for Adventure

What it all comes down to is that there is a place in every boomer heart which still longs to "head out on the road, lookin' for adventure."  BoomerVenture's mission is to simply let everyone know there's no better place to find that adventure than right here, right now, in our own backyard.

The first baby-boomers just started turning 60 a few years ago. It's a group that was never going to get old … and they're not. At least, not like any previous generation.  Unlike their parents, baby boomers simply refuse to see themselves as aging. Many toss their AARP invitations out as soon as they come through their door because they are a generation looking for more meaningful alternatives to traditional "retirement."

BoomerVenture is an initiative to engage Andover's 50+ population in a series of activities and events aimed at stimulating interests endemic to their generation and broadening their involvement not only with each other, but Andover as a whole.  With the mandate to advocate, educate and engage, BoomerVenture is utilizing input from local focus groups to develop an appetizing menu of programs, from money management to care giving.



Thursdays, October 3, 10, 31 & November 7

Time:  6:30 pm               Cost: $20.

Pre-registration required.  Call: (978)623-8321



MC900361400[1]Where does the Supreme Court get its power? 

What does it mean to "interpret" the Constitution? 

How did John Marshall make the Court an important part of our government? 

Do "activist" judges really make the law? 


Explore these and other questions as we discuss how Supreme Court decisions have affected the meaning of our Constitution. 


Don & Mary Robb, local historians, instructors.










BoomerVenture Events

BoomerVenture Screening Room at 6:30 pm.

July 9:  Still Alice

July 23:  Magic in the Moonlight

August 6:  A Birders Guide to Everything

August 27:  The Best of Men

There's are great special interest workshops coming up.  For more information click on the BoomerVenture Lectures and Workshops link on the left side of the page.  

Self Defense for Women - July 23;

6:45 pm; $22